Keys to the Kingdom

* We only have one enemy, and it is not each other

* God wants us to come together in unity in Jesus, even when there isn’t a uniformity of theology

* A Christian leader is someone who lays down his or her life life for those he/she leads (influences)

* Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Because of this, we must learn to forgive each other, accept God's forgiveness, and forgive ourselves

Love God. Love each other

Education Project Two Overview






Strategy #1 – Submit to serving Strive Partnership as a collaborative partner organization

Action #1 – Meet with Strive Partnership and Agenda360 within 2 months to identify areas that the City Servants Backbone organization can uniquely assist in the Preschool Promise campaign that Strive is leading in the city

Action #2 – Obtain agreement within 3 months from the City Servants as to what role that they will play

Action #3 – Communicate to Strive Partnership what actions the City Servants would help facilitate within 4 months



Strategy #2 – Develop a communication strategy to be used in church congregation presentations, to include a smaller group or individual piece

Action #1 – Request statistical support from Strive Partnership within 2 months

Action #2 – Develop a professional and compassionate presentation within 4 months and include prayer and other recommendations in the “ask”

Action #3 – Disseminate the communication pieces in the appropriate time to have the greatest impact in the campaign



Strategy #3 – Identify if a need exists for additional preschool facilities, then share the need with people in our churches and networks

Action #1 – Research through Strive Partnership and other sources on what the need is, if any, within 4 months

Action #2 – Determine if a biznistry model can be developed by meeting with the At Work On Purpose team within 6 months

Action #3 – Package the communication of the need and disseminate it within 9 months to all networks



Strategy #4 - Determine all measurements in outcomes desired and track results, to include decreased gun violence, improved marriage rates, graduation rates increased, reading rates, school attendance, reduced abortion rates, decreased STD’s, income equality, infant mortality rates, and reduced recidivism

Action #1 – Insure that measurements are consistent with Strive Partnership and any other backbone organizations

Action #2 – Determine the best methodology to track required data for measurements needed for results desired and implement


  Chose a Strategy and the Actions and contact the Education Objective Two Project Manager
(Be sure to include a short background and the reason for your interest)

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