Keys to the Kingdom

* We only have one enemy, and it is not each other

* God wants us to come together in unity in Jesus, even when there isn’t a uniformity of theology

* A Christian leader is someone who lays down his or her life life for those he/she leads (influences)

* Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Because of this, we must learn to forgive each other, accept God's forgiveness, and forgive ourselves

Love God. Love each other

Faith Communities Sphere of Projects Overview






Strategy #1 – Supporting common objectives with unbelieving groups: We, the church, may come together with the non-believing groups for common purposes for the goal of accomplishing that purpose, but also to build an intentional relationship as a bridge with the non-believer to help them to know Jesus

Action #1 – Identify specific Spheres of Influence and Kingdom Priorities that can be effective to unify around for the church and non-believers within 3 months

Action #2 – Research the target areas to determine what non-believing groups can be partners with the church within 5 months

Action #3 – Plan and facilitate a unifying meeting with a creative format, such as a town hall meeting, symposium, or an event to serve together, in order to build a bridge through relationship within 7 months

Action #4 – Develop teams intentionally comprised of church servant leaders and non-believers to accomplish tasks to continue relationship building within 10 months



 Strategy #2 – Develop a general written covenant to be signed by pastors centered around mercy and compassion for greater Cincinnati

Action #1 – Connect a group of people with a City Servant team of 2-3 to compose the written covenant within 2 months

Action #2 – Request a core group of City Servant pastors and select group of other pastors to sign the covenant with invited media attending to cover the event within 5 months…and watch the pastors call to join …then perform this action subsequently on a regular basis

Action #3 – A special Transformational Leadership training to be done regularly with the goal to serve this “incubator group” for the purpose of building deeper relationships and personal transformation

Action #4 – Facilitate regular ways to broaden and deepen these relationships through discipleship, prayer, and serving together



Strategy #3 – Facilitate geographic-based roundtable meetings to invite key pastors and leaders to attend and discuss how to impact the Spheres of Influence and Kingdom Priorities within that common unity, or community

Action #1 – Determine a geographic area to pilot this strategy within 2 months

Action #2 – Survey the key pastors and leaders to invite to a roundtable meeting within 4 months

Action #3 – Develop several methods of invitation and reach out to the leaders to attend in order to discuss and implement ways to affect the culture of that community within 7 months

Action #4 – Facilitate the pilot meeting to discuss and decide on at least three initiatives to unite around within 8 months

Action #5 – Assess the pros and cons of the pilot, then continue to launch additional meetings in other geographic areas, as well as continued meetings and action with prior communities



Strategy #4 – Determine all measurements in outcomes desired and track results, to include increased number of attendance in churches, with the same or even smaller number of churches; increased number of professions of faith; increased number of multi-racial churches; increased number of mainline churches involved in stewarding and participating; reputation of a city that worships together; use something like Transformational Leadership to increase covenant relationships; and 60-70% of churches praying for and involved in Kingdom efforts

Action #1 – Insure that measurements are consistent with Strive Partnership and any other backbone organizations

Action #2 – Determine the best methodology to track required data for measurements needed for results desired and implement


  Chose a Strategy and the Actions and contact the Faith Communities Objective One Project Manager
(Be sure to include a short background and the reason for your interest)

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