Get Started with Basic Training

TKC Cincinnati SpheresThank you for your interest in utilizing The K Connect in your journey to transform culture. You are at the Section One of the Basic Training. This will start you with an overview of Collective Impact Projects and The K Connection.

We would encourage you to complete the Basic Training Course and then register. As an Registered Member you have the opportunity to view and participate in Projects and Events. You can take additional courses and if you're interested you can become a Project Leader.

By taking the Basic Training Course, you will be able to get a more in-depth understanding with the vision and purpose of The K Connection, the Form and Function aspects of Cultural Transformation and the importance of Purposeful Connections.

Going through the course won't take much of your time, but give you a lifetime of satisfaction as you begin to transform yourself and your culture in a positive way.

The first step in getting started is to go through the Basic Training section.

The Basic Training course outline is:

 Influencing Culture – Form

  • Cultural Transformation
  • Prayer Is Vital
  • Action Is Essential - Functions
  • Understanding the Form/Function Graphic
  • The Missing Link: Personal Transformation
  • Why The K Connection
  • Summary & Conclusion

 We'll see you after the training. Next!