City Wide Prayer Event Opportunities For Service - May 31, 2015



  • Must be prepared to love on all attendees as Christ would. (Directions and restrictions will be given.)
  • Assist with the event by greeting the participants and making them feel welcome
  • Assisting the Ushers with seating and facilities directions when necessary
  • Assist with miscellaneous participant needs

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  • Assist with the event by giving seating and facilities directions
  • Assist with greeting the participants and making them feel welcome
  • Assist with miscellaneous participant needs
  • Will assist with the offering, which will go to a city wide/regional outreach, not to Outpouring.

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  • Parking attendants at the Cincinnati Gardens are provided by the facility, however we are in need of assistance to coordinate the overflow parking and shuttle bus services. This involves a logistical component and others to assist in directing individuals to the appropriate shuttle.

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  • Outpouring will require 8 individuals to operate radios with headsets for our communication purposes. This will require some being posted at a fixed position, while most will follow key leaders who do not have the ability to do their job and listen to the radio at the same time. Normally ages 16 and up work well (must be mature and able to focus) – training will be given and operation of the radios is very simple.

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  • Uniformed Police Officers and Venue Security will be on hand. We are seeking ‘Security’ personnel to control access to speaker’s rooms, the platform and similar. Any ‘incident’ will be immediately turned over to and handled by the Venue Security and Police.

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