Prayer First Initiative

Understanding and Joining The
Prayer First Initiative

VISION: The City Servants walking with the Lord, keeping short accounts, listening and staying in tune, being in the right place at the right time, and speaking the Word of the Lord. This vision requires daily walking and analysis of what is heard, listening for course correction and unity opportunities, parting the waters, positioning ourselves where we can’t achieve anything without the Lord, and speaking the Word to transform.

PURPOSE: To understand how God wants us to build His Kingdom in greater Cincinnati. This purpose requires an acknowledgement that we cannot build the Kingdom, but rather that we prepare ourselves and others for the King’s return, resulting in God’s light being dispersed out from Cincinnati.

MISSION: To recruit volunteers who make this vision and purpose their primary role on each Objective team. People who are not too busy planning, organizing, and researching to pray and wait on the Lord in silence and in worship. People who recognize the battle we are in when it comes to doing God’s business God’s way; i.e.- being watchful of political handshakes that have the effect of yielding influence to non-kingdom people.

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